General Studies at Potomac State College

General Studies

Arts and Sciences Degree/A.A.

Not sure what to major in?  Want to save money?  Still need time to figure out what you want to do?

If the idea of exploring college, earning credits for less money, or focusing on a degree with a broad approach sounds interesting to you, then explore WVU- Potomac State’s degree in General Studies.

General Studies is the most popular major on the Potomac State campus and can lead to any career you want.

All students have to take courses like English 101, so why not choose this pathway to help you get started with some quality structure, delivered in a small classroom setting, while providing you the opportunity to explore your interests.

General Studies is the perfect stepping stone for anyone who is uncertain about their future major but does not want to spend money on courses that are not needed.

Students who begin in General Studies and become certain of their major simply declare their intended degree path, and their core courses now go to support their new trajectory. They may lose little to no time towards graduation.

The Associate of Arts in General Studies also comes with 12 hours of electives so that someone who needs a bit more time to decide, for example, between Agriculture, Psychology, Biology, or English has courses that count toward graduation. These classes can also easily be used toward a minor should a student pursue a Bachelors of Arts or Bachelors of Science.

The degree even works for students who do not want to specialize in a major at this time. By completing the minimum 60-credit hours of required and elective courses, students can earn an Associate of Arts Degree. 


Degree Program:

General Studies

Degree Designation:

Associate of Arts