Arts and Sciences Degree/A.A.

Why Study History?  To Major in Versatility.

History is more than names and dates. It’s about learning how we have been shaped by the past and how to apply historical knowledge and analysis to issues facing contemporary societies. 

A history degree prepares you for a modern economy with analytical skills and a deeper understanding of how the world works.

History majors learn to take nothing for granted, and the historical perspective that they acquire enables them to position themselves (professionally and in private life) in ways that enable them to use their acquired skills effectively.

Historians ask: What are the causes of today’s global conflicts? How does technological and economic change affect the lives of ordinary people? How have our institutions and ideas developed over time? By studying history, you’ll probe the how and why of events, and above all ask “so what?” You’ll examine a range of historical perspectives that will help you develop the essential tools for being an effective and engaged citizen of the world. 

Career Opportunities: A history degree trains you to analyze evidence, develop conclusions based on that evidence, and communicate those conclusions clearly in both written and oral form. These skills (critical analysis, organizing bodies of information, writing succinctly, and effective oral expression) provide a foundation for a variety of public and private sector jobs that value clear thinking and effective communication.  Many history majors go into teaching, law, business, public administration, or graduate study, but a range of opportunities exist:

Nonprofit sector

Private sector

Public sector

Graduate study

archivist/records manager

cultural resource management

public archives


public history

historical research/writing

State Department (Foreign Service)


library work

legal and policy research

historical offices for Federal agencies


museum work

historical preservation

historical offices for US military


research institutions

communications media

intelligence (military, CIA, FBI)

public history

religious and philanthropic organizations


National Park Service

international relations



legislative administration/research




urban and rural planning

political science



historic preservation











market research


art history






public relations




human relations




travel/tourism industry



Requirements for Graduation:
In order to earn an Associate of Arts Degree in Arts and Sciences with a major in History, a student must complete a minimum of 60 credit-hours of required and elective course work.

Dean Frank Mauzy-Sydney Harris History Award: History majors have the opportunity to win the Mauzy-Harris History Award.  Mr. Sydney Harris is a Pittsburgh businessman who founded the award to honor his history professor and former Dean of Potomac State College, Frank Mauzy.  The award is given to the student who has earned the highest “A” grades in the most history courses, and the winner receives a cash award through their Banner account.


Degree Program:


Degree Designation:

Associate of Arts

Cassandra Pritts