Journalism Degree/A.A.

The journalism program at Potomac State College is a hands-on learning experience in writing, communications, graphic design, and teamwork. Prior journalism experience is not required. Freshmen j-students volunteer on the student newspaper: writing news and editorials; designing and selling advertising; taking pictures. Sophomore j-majors run the student paper as news editors, sports editors, photo editors and more.

The journalism curriculum transfers directly to the Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism at WVU. Students may take the JQE, a WVU journalism admissions test, at Potomac State. Many other university transfer options are also available.

Potomac State’s newsroom combines a comfortable classroom seminar environment with a modern desktop publishing system. Academic advising, tutoring, computer lab time, individual attention and small class size characterize the journalism program.

Career Opportunities: The journalism major is prepares graduates for advanced studies in reporting, broadcasting, advertising, public relations, editing, photography, and related careers. Journalism majors have the unique opportunity to display examples of their published work for university admissions boards and prospective employers. Some graduates choose a career in journalism after two years of study.

Requirements for Graduation

In order to earn an Associate of Arts Degree in Journalism, a student needs to complete a minimum of 62 credit-hours of required and elective course work.

It is recommended that Journalism majors take VISJ 220 as one of the elective courses required to meet the minimum of 62 credit-hours needed for graduation.

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