Online Classes

Fall 2014

To register for on-line courses, students must have at least a 2.0 GPA. An Electronic Delivery Course Fee of $40.00 is assessed for each on-line course; additional charges may apply.

BIOL 102   General Biology – 3 cred – CRN 84533 – Chisholm

Introductory biology: energetics and physiology of cells, organisms, and populations, including regulation and control of multicellular organisms.

BIOL 103   General Biology Laboratory – 1 cred – CRN 82566 – Chisholm

Experiments in biology: genetics and evolution; reproduction, growth, and development of cells, organisms, and populations.                   

BIOL 231   Human Anatomy and Physiology – 4 cred – CRN 84910 – Chisholm

A continuation of Biology 230. The following systems are thoroughly studied: endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive. Laboratory work involves physiological investigations and dissections. For nursing students or others by instructor’s consent.

BTEC 365   Leaders Through History – 3 cred – CRN 89128 – Chisholm

Introduction of ideas and skills to prepare students for leadership positions in the community – whether this is in the workforce (small businesses, corporations), non-profit organizations, or any civic involvement in their community.

BTEC 493C   Social Media Marketing – 3 cred – CRN 87248 – Butcher

This course is an introduction to marketing via social media platforms. Students will explore various social media platforms, design a Fanpage, Twitter business account, blog, and Pinterest business page, write engaging posts, learn inbound marketing principals, participate in timely case studies, research the current social media practices of various companies, and consider staffing issues, ethics, and policies of an inbound marketing position/ department. This class will be beneficial to students in management, marketing, business, tourism, and any position needing to communicate with customers.

COM 306   Communication in Organizations and Institution – 3 cred – CRN 87124 – Hess

Communication processes and problems in business and nonbusiness organizations and institutions with attention to practical application.

CJ 316   Community Based Corrections – 3 cred – CRN 82972 – Samuels

Study of probation, parole, diversion programs, and intermediate sanctions including house arrest, community service, restitution, half-way houses, and temporary release. Some focus placed on special-needs offenders. NP.

CJ 324   Drugs, Crime & Society – 3 cred – CRN 86213 – Samuels

Examines the effects of drugs on the individual, the criminal justice system, and society. The focus is on investigation, prevention, and intervention techniques. Societal values and theoretical frameworks surrounding drug abuse, laws, and punishments are examined.

ENGL 101   Composition and Rhetoric – 3 cred – CRN 84876 – Armentrout

A course in writing non-fiction prose, principally the expository essay.

ENGL 343   American Poetry – 3 cred – CRN 87138 – Merrifield

Students will explore major American poets of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I'm a firm believer that writing and reading go hand in hand, and that makes me unexceptional, so this course will be both a class in writing and reading. About half the class time will be spent discussing this work and learning the language for talking about writing, and the other half will be spent actually talking about each other's work in a workshop setting. Your job is to be first a feeling person, then a calculating editor who can discuss literature in a meaningful way.

ENGL 383   Intro to Cultural Studies – 3 cred – CRN 87195 – Merrifield

Students will explore the ways in which we are all simultaneously users of and used by culture, and the ways in which cultural practices influence how we think, feel, and act in everyday life.

HIST 209   Twentieth Century Europe – 3 cred – CRN 89168 – French

Traces the major political, economic, and social developments of Europe from World War I to the present.

HIST 250   West Virginia – 3 cred – CRN 89167 – French

Historical foundations and development of West Virginia, with particular emphasis upon the growth of the government, the economy, and the traditions of the state.

POLS 103   Global Political Issues – 3 cred – CRN 89166 – French

Analysis of issues in post-cold war international politics, ranging from traditional major power diplomacy and intervention to the newer problems of economic interdependence and development, human rights, population pressures on limited resources, and the environment.

STAT 211   Elementary Statistical Inference – 3 cred – CRN 82729 – Beck Roth

(Not open to students who have completed STAT 215.) Basic concepts of descriptive and inferential statistics; descriptive measures, random variables, sampling distributions, estimation, tests of hypotheses, chi-square tests, regression, and correlation. (Equivalent to ECON 225.)

WDSC 100   Forest Resources in US History – 3 cred – CRN 85908 – Jones

Examines human use of forest resources in America from pre-Colombian times to the present. Exploration of factors that impact the use of wood products.