Scholarships for West Virginia Residents




Minimum 3.8 High School GPA and
30 ACT or 1340 SAT


2 years PSC and 2 years at WVU*


Minimum 3.5 High School GPA and
26 ACT OR 1190 SAT


2 years at PSC and 2 years at WVU*


Minimum 3.25 high school GPA and
24 ACT or 1110 SAT 


2 years at PSC and 2 years at WVU*


Minimum 3.00 High School GPA and
22 ACT OR 1030 SAT


2 years at PSC and 2 years at WVU*


Minimum 3.00 High School GPA and
21 ACT or 990 SAT


1 year at PSC



*This scholarship is fully integrated with the scholarship program at West Virginia University. If a student decides to transfer to WVU after leaving Potomac State College and meets the academic progress standards for this scholarship, the student will be eligible to continue to receive this scholarship at WVU at the current WVU value.  Students in PSC four-year programs are eligible for the scholarships for up to four years. The Potomac Scholarship is not a transferable scholarship.

•Value of scholarship at WVU will be determined by current value of scholarship at WVU when student changes campuses.

•Effective with the incoming freshman class of 2015, PSC uses “Super Scores” for scholarship awarding, so students should submit all scores from each section of the ACT or SAT if the test(s) is taken more than once. The “Super Score” will be calculated using the highest component/subscore from all test information available to PSC.

•If a student is eligible for more than one scholarship from Potomac State College, the student will be awarded the scholarship with the highest dollar value. To retain scholarships for subsequent years, all scholars are required to maintain specific cumulative grade-point averages and to complete a minimum number of credits per year.

•Guidelines and renewal information can be found here.

•If you qualify for the West Virginia PROMISE scholarship, in most cases your PSC scholarship will be awarded in addition to PROMISE.

•Scholarship amounts may be affected if students are receiving need-based aid from state or Federal programs.