Summer Financial Aid

Students may be eligible for financial aid for summer courses. At Potomac State the summer term is packaged as part of the academic year, including the fall and spring semesters, so summer eligibility depends on what aid has been used in the prior two semesters.

Students planning to take classes during the summer sessions must complete a REQUEST FOR SUMMER 2014 FINANCIAL AID pdf This form cannot be submitted electronically and must be mailed or brought to the Potomac State College Enrollment Services Office.

Students must register for a minimum of six (6) credit hours during the summer sessions to be eligible for financial aid. Federal Pell grants may be available for eligible students, as well as federal student loans. Federal Direct PLUS loans are available to the parents of dependent students, but the parent must indicate that on the Request for Summer 2014 Financial Aid and then complete a PLUS application available at and click on “Request Direct PLUS loan.”

Since summer school financial aid is based on the number of credit hours a student is taking and the number of weeks they will be attending those classes, no summer financial aid is calculated until the student is actually registered for summer session classes. A SUMMER FINANCIAL AID ADJUSTMENT FORM   pdf must be completed by the student when making changes to the number of hours or types of aid requested.

No summer financial aid is disbursed until the start of the class that represents the minimum course load requirement which for summer aid is six (6) credit hours. For example, a student who takes a 3-hour class which starts on May 19 and takes another 3-hour class which starts on June 30 will not receive a disbursement of financial aid funds until July 2. The student will, however, have credit for the charges for the first three-hour class until the aid is disbursed.

For summer housing contract, click here. pdf