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You can only tell so much from pictures and websites. We know that after you've visited you will know that Potomac State College is the right school for you.

"Potomac State is a great place to start. It suited me better than a big state university. I thought I could do better in smaller classes. I'm glad I started at Potomac State. I WOULDN'T CHANGE ANYTHING about my education." - Isaiah Smith

There are several ways to visit Potomac State College. Individual visits can be scheduled through our Office of Enrollment Services; Potomac State Days are Open House events to see all aspects of campus life: and our Potomac State Orientation Events (PSO) offer the opportunity to take the next step at Potomac State.

Individual Visits

Discover Potomac State Days

Potomac State Orientation Event (PSO)

"Potomac State is a great start. You can finish in two years or prepare for the next level. By the time I left Potomac State I WAS READY. It gave me the chance to get what I needed so I could go to a big campus." - Kievette Hammond

To schedule a visit you can complete the online Campus Visit Form or contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 800.262.7332 or 304.788.6820. (If you would like an email response, please put into your email address book.)

To plan your visit please contact:

Enrollment Services
75 Arnold Street
Keyser, WV 26726
800.262.7332, 304.788.6820