Withdraw from Individual Classes


Until the Friday of the tenth week of class students may withdraw from individual courses. If you follow all College procedures and withdraw before the published deadline, you will receive a W on your transcript. Grade-point averages are not affected in any way by this mark.  

If you need to drop the last class you are enrolled in, then you must withdraw from the current term. Please consult the College Catalog for details on Withdrawal Policies.


Before withdrawing from individual classes, consult your advisor to determine if:

  • Your course load would be reduced below the minimal number of hours required to qualify fro financial aid, varsity athletic competition, or international full-time student status;
  • The courses to be dropped are required to fulfill academic probationary conditions;
  • The courses from which you want to withdraw might be corequisite with other courses you are taking, or prerequisite to other courses required for the next term.

After reviewing these parameters with your advisor, then you may withdraw from individual classes using the MIX system. (Follow the instructions for Adding and Dropping a Class.)