Women’s Lacrosse: Spring Mills' Myers to play for Potomac State

By Jessica Manuel - Martinsburg Journal Sports Writer (jmanuel@journal-news.net) , Journal News

SPRING MILLS - When Spring Mills' Tori Myers was looking for colleges, there was one thing she knew she didn't want: to be basically at home.

Myers wanted a school far enough away to get a college experience, and Potomac State offered not only that but the chance to play lacrosse, too.

"I didn't want something close. I wanted something farther than 15 minutes down the road," Myers said.

Myers will enjoy the college experience at Potomac State and be joining the Catamounts on the lacrosse field after recently signing her letter of intent.

Ironically, Myers wasn't super into lacrosse when she first started, though she enjoyed it enough to stick with the sport.

"My sophomore year, my friend Holly Nelson was like, 'Hey there's a lacrosse team this year. You should play,'" Myers said. "I went to one conditioning, and I was like, 'Hey this isn't that bad.'"

Then, at a tournament at Randolph, the love of the sport really started to show.

"I was like, 'This is my sport,'" Myers laughed, saying realizing that love pushed her to get better and work harder.

Myers recalled that the same game she realized her love for the sport was one of teammate Emily Astrayka's first games with the Cardinals. Myers helped talk Astrayka into joining the team, and now, the pair, along with teammate Holly Cleveland, will be playing with the Catamounts together.

"I can't imagine playing without them," Myers said of all her teammates. "(Knowing Astrayka and Cleveland were going to Potomac State) definitely had a factor (in choosing the school)."

Another factor in sealing her decision was meeting interim head coach Josh Seese at the Mountain State Meltdown. He gave her a tour of the facilities and campus, and Myers saw just how much she liked the campus.

"It was pretty awesome. It's a small campus. You can get to classes and know where you're going," Myers laughed. "It just kinda worked out."

Having joined a young Spring Mills team that is still coming into its own, Myers is excited to join a Potomac State team that is also still developing.

"You never know what's going to happen. I think it's great because I was looking into the other players, and some of them have never played lacrosse, just started last year," she said. "I think it brings us closer as a team (learning together)."

Learning is going to play a role in her life off the field, too. Myers plans to study secondary education with the hope to become a history teacher. Myers loves the fact that history is facts but there's still a bit of mystery behind certain aspects, and as far as teaching goes, it's all about the relationships she wants to build.

"Teaching's always been an interest to me. I've always like the connection with teachers," Myers said, adding she hopes to develop those same kind of connections with her students and push them to be great.

Now with signing out of the way, there's just one thing left for Myers to focus on: the rest of the season. The Cardinals will be looking to continue their season for as long as possible.

"I was so nervous (about signing). On the drive up, my mom kept asking questions. It was nervewracking," Myers laughed. "(Now), it's an excited nervous."