Sophomore Spotlight: Paige Harrison

Sophomore Spotlight:  Paige Harrison

Paige Harrison

Sport: Soccer/Lacrosse

Hometown: Elkins, WV

Major: Journalism

What brought you to PSC?

The chance to play college soccer. The small atmosphere and class sizes make the experience comfortable and personable. The affordability was good for my family.

Advice for freshman student-athletes?

Work as hard in your classes as you do on the field. Always remember your academics come first. Being a freshman is scary, so know you can always reach out to teammates, coaches, and trainers about anything.

Post-PSC Plans?

I would like to find a small college where I can continue being a student-athlete in a new environment. I am open to traveling to new places, regardless of distance.

Favorite college experience thus far?

Playing the #1 ranked team in the country in soccer to a tight match last season. Although losing by 1 in the final minutes, we celebrated playing our hearts out and competing at a high level and finishing the year with a winning record.

Favorite activities outside of campus?

I love walking through downtown Keyser! There are some great small shops and restaurants that are hidden gems. The streets and old buildings are really pretty. The county library is in an old bank and really cool and they have Star Wars books.

Favorite Athlete?

Rajon Rondo, I love Boston sports and played Point Guard in high school and my coach nicknamed me Rondo.

Little known fact…

I broke a girl’s femur once. It was in a soccer game. An ambulance drove onto the field and took her to the hospital. She was screaming really loud.