Sophomore Spotlight: Sarah Whiteman

Sophomore Spotlight:  Sarah Whiteman

Sarah Whiteman

Sport: Volleyball

Hometown: Short Gap, WV

Major: Psychology

What brought you to PSC?

I wanted to stay close to home and came here on a full academic scholarship. After enrolling, I was asked to walk-on to the team.

Advice for freshman student-athletes?

Academics come first. Coaches understand that and work with you to succeed in the classroom. Always remember life after athletics is what is most important.

Post-PSC Plans?

I hope to attend WVU and finish my degree before going on to law school.

Favorite college experience thus far?

Last year we played in the Regionals Finals and lost in the fifth set for a chance to travel to Nationals in Arizona. That made us work harder and we have a better team mentality to win Regionals this year.

Favorite activities outside of campus?

I like to hike trails and visit different scenic overlooks.

What other sports have you done?

I did one year of track and it wasn’t for me. I played basketball for a year and could shoot but that was about it. I started dance and gymnastics at 4 and enjoyed it for several years.

Little known fact…

My elbows are double jointed. When they’re extended they go past 180 degrees. Jesi Ann (Dayton) cracked my elbow once and I had her thinking she broke it.