Alcohol and Other Drugs Prevention Program

The AOD Prevention Specialist works with students to educate them about the myths, facts and dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

If you choose to drink, we want you to be safe. If others around you drink, we want you to know how to recognize the symptoms of alcohol poisoning or a drug overdose so you can get help for the person.

The AOD Prevention Specialist works with Student Conduct Services staff to provide assessment and counseling services to students who violate the College’s alcohol and drug policies.

If you are interested in attending AA or Al-Anon meetings, she can provide you with meeting times and locations. She also has information about other community resources.

Appointments can be made either in person, by telephone at 304-788-6910 or by e-mail at .

The AOD Prevention Office is located in the lower level of the Room 109A in the Student Union. Hours of operation are posted on the office door.

For a list of frequently asked questions and answers about alcohol and drugs please click here.