Communications Systems

Housing Communications 

Cable TV
Basic cable is provided in all residence hall rooms. HBO is also provided. For a lineup of the Potomac State Cable TV channels, please click here.

Telephone Service
Telephone service is provided in all residence hall rooms. Telephone numbers are associated with specific rooms. If you change rooms, your telephone number will also change. Long distance and local dialing instructions are located in this section. If you have any equipment problems, contact your front desk. Students should bring an analog phone for their room.

Residence Hall Telephone Instructions
If your phone number is 304-788-7654 local callers may contact you by dialing 304-788-7654. To call extensions on campus you must dial 4 plus their last four digits of their extension (47654). To make any other outgoing calls, you must first dial 9, then the seven-digit telephone number. While calling any PSC offices, dial 2 plus their last four digits of their extension (2XXXX).

Long Distance Service
Potomac State College of WVU's residence halls do not provide long distance telephone service. Each student must provide his or her long distance service.

Telephone Feature Guide  

Placing a Call

  • To place a call to an on-campus extension, just dial the 5 digit extension.
  • If you are calling off-campus:
    • For local calls and toll free (800 number) calls, dial [9] + the ten digit number
    • For toll-free calls to WVU Morgantown (293 exchange), dial the last 5 digits of the number. For example, to call the WVU Operators (293-0111), you would simply dial 30111. If you get a busy signal, there is no more bandwidth for your call, and you will need to hang up and redial it as a long distance call.
  • For long distance calling, you will need a calling card or you may call with a credit card. See your long distance provider of choice for dialing instructions.

Placing a Call on Hold

  • Retrieve the call by pressing the flash key again or hang up and the call will ring back.


  • Press the flash key during a call (If your phone does not have this button, depress the switch hook quickly). The caller will be placed on hold.
  • Dial the number to which the call will be transferred.
  • Press the flash key or hang up once the line starts ringing or wait to announce the person who you are transferring. Then press the flash key to transfer the call.

Note: You may only transfer calls to other phones on the PSC phone system.


  • From your on campus phone:
    • Dial 26900
    • Enter your passcode and press [#]. If you have not set up your account yet, your passcode will be 267261.
    • If this is the first time you have logged into your account, you will be prompted to setup the account with a name, message, and passcode.
  • From another phone
    • Dial 304-788-6900
    • At the opening greeting, press [*]
    • Enter your 5 digit extension and press [#]
    • Enter your passcode and press [#]

Feature Access Codes

Call Forward All

  • Go off-hook
  • Press [*][*] [1] followed by the dial digits where the phone should be forwarded (remember to dial a [9] if the phone will be forwarded to an off-campus number).
  • You may only forward your calls to another PSC phone, or to a local number.

Call Forward Cancel

  • Go off-hook
  • Press [*][*][2]

Last Number Redial

  • Go off-hook
  • Press [#] to redial the last called number

Dialing Instructions

College Telephone System:

Intra-campus calls

Dial 2 + four-digit number

All other local calls

Dial 9 + ten-digit number

Long distance calls

See instructions below

Directory Assistance:
Keyser and area code 304

Toll-free numbers:
There is no charge for 800 calls. Nine hundred access (area codes 900-999) calls are allowed on any College telephone with specific TID authority.  However, the TID must be authorized through the TID system to place the calls.

To place a toll-free call:
Dial 9 + 1 + 800/866/877/888 + seven-digit number

To place an area code 900 call:
Dial 8 + 900 + seven-digit number + TID Calls to numbers with area codes 900-999 must include an authorized TID. These calls are billed to WVU at cost by the carrier.

Calls to numbers with the following prefixes are toll-free:

Area Code 304


Area Code 301 Md.

Area Code 240

Burlington 289

Piedmont 355

McCoole, MD 786

McCoole, MD 322

Elk Garden 446

Ridgeley 726, 738

Westernport, MD 359


Fort Ashby 298

Keyser 788, 597



Gormania 693

Local cell phone prefixes 790 & 813

International Calls
Dial 9 + 011 + country code + city code + telephone number + TID or PSC:
For assistance, call the College operator at 788-6800 or dial 0 from any campus phone

U.S. Mail
U.S. mail is delivered to the Student Union Monday through Friday. Normally, mail is placed in student mailboxes after 2p.m. All residence hall mail is collected from and distributed at the Student Union. You will receive your mail without delay if it is addressed as follows:

Mail Box #_______________
105 Fort Ave.
Keyser, WV 26726