Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall



Memorial Hall is located on the northwest side of the quad. This hall is co-ed and houses up to 97 residents. It is accessible to students with physical disabilities. This brick residence hall was named in honor of 40 young men who lost their lives in World War II.

Hall Features and Amenities:

  • Large Main social lounge
  • Laundry room in basement level
  • Large Study Lounge
  • Newly renovated restrooms
  • Thermostat controlled Heat and AC
  • Extended basic TV with premium Movie Channel
  • High speed Internet access



Standard Room in Memorial (rooms vary)
Length- 16 ft.  Width- 12 ft.
Window Width- 61.5 in.
Widow Height- 62.5 in.


To see photos of Memorial Hall on our Flickr page click here.