Student Government Association

We, the students… of Potomac State College of West Virginia University, strive to continue the traditions of the College; enhance academic standards and College facilities, encourage good citizenship among the students and to the community; aid in promoting a cordial relationship among students, faculty, staff, and administration; stimulate support of all College activities and programs; enhance each student’s sense of responsibility to the College and society; support the Constitution of the enrolled students in the Student Government Association of Potomac State College of West Virginia University.

2015-16 SGA Executive Board:

Mackenzie Halterman
SGA President


Aniqua Lower
SGA Vice President


Public Relations Officer

William Sires


Attorney General

2015-16 SGA Board of Representatives:

Speaker of the House & Upper-Classman Student Representative

Andrew Day
Upper-Classman Student Representative  
Email: anday

Brandon Borror 
Commuter Student Representative  


Gale VanHouten 
Non-Traditional Student Representative 


William BJ Sires 
Residence Hall Student Representative 

Email: wjsires

Shawn Bishop
Student-Athlete Representative


Skylar Spanburgh
Freshman Student Representative


Shane Hamilton
Military/Veteran Student Representative


Where is the SGA Office Located?

The SGA Office is located in The Office of Student Involvement, which is Room 101 in The Student Union.  We are located directly opposite the Bookstore on the first floor.  Feel free to stop by anytime someone is in the office!

When & Where are the Student Body Meetings?

All Potomac State students are invited and encouraged to attend SGA Student Body Meetings. They are held in The Loft of the Student Union at the following dates and times:

All meetings are at 3:00 PM on Friday, on the following dates:

February 26

March 11

April 1

April 15

April 29

What does SGA actually do?

The Student Government Association (SGA) consists of students chosen in campus-wide elections held each fall. One of the SGA’s most important functions is developing a budget for appropriating Student Organization Grants to the many diverse student activities and organizations.

In addition to its financial responsibilities, the SGA appoints student representatives to serve on faculty and executive committees. These committees deal with various aspects of campus life including student retention, student activities, student conduct, financial aid, academic affairs, athletics and alumni activities.

SGA sponsors numerous campus-wide programs and activities including, but not limited to Student Organization Grants, American Red Cross Blood Drives, Ideas and Issues funds, the student newspaper (PASQUINO) publication costs, and the annual Homecoming Dance.

How does SGA help fund Student Organizations on campus?

SGA has earmarked money for College-sanctioned Student Organizations to use to pay for activities and programs that will benefit the College community.

Student organizations can apply for these monies by completing a SGA Grant Application

To be eligible for these grants, student organizations must adhere to these SGA Grant Guidelines