Weekly Line Up

Here at PSC, there are countless opportunities for Students to just “get away from it all.” Below are just a few examples!

Game Night

The Gamers & Geeks Club sponsors Game Night every Monday night from 7 pm to 10 pm in The Loft of the Student Union. The Gamers & Geeks Club sponsors the event, but everyone is welcomed to attend!  Geekiness accepted, but not required.

This is a student-run operation, so whatever you want to do, we normally do.  So if you play a game, bring it.  You will find someone else that already plays or wants to play it as well.  We regularly host video/card game tournament and other special events as requested by students! 

Pinterest Night

Pinterest Night is held every Tuesday at 7 pm in The Loft of the Student Union.  A different DYI Craft is chosen each week off Pinterest, and we will do our best to replicate it!

Find something on Pinterest that you’d like to see done at Pinterest Night?  Send your idea and a link to Antonio Rascon at anrascon@mail.wvu.edu and we’ll get it organized!

Late Nights

Every Wednesday and Thursday nights from 9 pm to 11:30 pm in The Commons (Cafeteria in University Place) is “Late Night in the Commons.” Come on down after a long week of classes and get free food, hang out with friends, and participate in whatever Late Night activities are planned for that night. You do not need to swipe your card to get in and everything is free. Just remember though that you need to keep all food and drinks inside the cafeteria!

Late Night activities vary throughout the year. Check the Program Bulletins and flyers across campus to see what is planned for each week!

Friday Night Hangout

FNH is every Friday Night starting at 7 pm in The Loft.  This is another student-run operation, so if you want to play video games, board games, watch TV shows or movies, or just hang out with friends, feel free to do so. The Loft is yours.  This is your time to just relax and have fun.  You deserve it after a long week!  We will hold random events throughout the year.