Weekly Line Up

Monday Night Game Night

The Gamers & Geeks Club sponsors Game Night every Monday night from 7 pm to 10 pm in the Loft of the Student Union. The Gamers & Geeks Club sponsors the event, but everyone is welcome to attend! Geekiness accepted, but not required.

This is a student-run operation, so whatever you want to do, we normally do. So if you play a game, bring it. You will find someone else that already plays or wants to play it as well. We regularly host video/card game tournaments and other special events as requested by students!

Tuesday Night Pinterest Night

Pinterest Night is held every Tuesday at 7 pm in the Loft of the Student Union. A different DYI Craft is chosen each week off Pinterest, and we will do our best to replicate it!

Find something on Pinterest that you’d like to see done at Pinterest Night? Send your idea and a link to Antonio Rascon at anrascon@mail.wvu.edu and we’ll try our best to get it organized.

Thursday Night Fun Night

Every Thursday night from 7-10 in the Loft of the Student Union activities are planned and implemented by students.  There is also free snacks such as popcorn and cotton candy. This is a student-led initiative so if you have ideas for fun things you’d like to see planned please let Antonio Rascon know at anrascon@mail.wvu.edu.

Open Gym Nights

Intramural activities are typically scheduled at the Keyser Presbyterian Recreation Center (across the street from PSC) starting at 8:30 PM until 11 PM Monday through Thursday nights from mid-October until mid-March.  All PSC students and employees are welcome to participate.

Random Activities 

Throughout the semester random activities are also planned including Ballistic Bowling at the local bowling alley, shopping trips to nearby malls, snow tubing, trips to the movies, trips to amusement parks, Humans VS Zombies, hiking, camping, etc. 

Feel free to contact Antonio Rascon at anrascon@mail.wvu.edu if you have suggestions or if you have questions.