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Academic Standards Committee

Campus-Wide Review Committee

Committee on Committees

Faculty Executive Committee (FEC)

Faculty Welfare Committee

Instructional Programs Committee

Instructional Resources Committee

Rules of General Application for All Standing Assembly Committees:

  1. Committees shall be expected to conduct research, deliberate on policies, and make recommendations to the Faculty Assembly through the Faculty Executive Committee relevant to the issues which they have explored. If it is believed that a recommendation for action should be made without unanimous support from committee members, the Chair should provide a written report listing the committee's reasons for support and reasons for concern to the Assembly Chair, Campus President, and the appropriate Dean or Director, alongside the recommendation for action.
  2. To ensure equitable distribution of the governance work among the committees and their members, each committee will be responsible for keeping a record of attendance at committee meetings and minutes related to principal recommendations, other actions, and major points of discussion. The minutes will be distributed to each member of the committee, the Faculty Assembly Chair, Faculty Assembly Secretary, Campus President, Dean of Academic Affairs, and others as determined by the committee, including the person providing secretarial assistance to the Assembly who will publish the minutes to a shared drive or website available to all faculty.
  3. Each committee chair will keep a complete set of records of the activities of the committee to be turned over to succeeding chairs.
  4. Each committee will report through its chair to the Faculty Assembly at least once annually and at other times at the request of the Executive Committee. All annual reports will be prepared and circulated to all faculty and administration well in advance of the meeting at which they are to be discussed.
  5. The Faculty Assembly shall have the right to remove from a committee any representative who is derelict in attendance or responsibilities. Any committee member can propose such removal in writing to the Faculty Executive Committee which will determine if the evidence is sufficient to bring before the full Faculty Assembly, and shall be effected only by a two-thirds vote of members present in a regular meeting. Voting on this issue shall be by secret ballot. 
  6. Committees may appeal to the Committee on Committees for modification or changes in their membership and functions when circumstances warrant; any changes will be presented to the Executive Committee for consideration, with confirmation by the Assembly.
  7. All Assembly committees begin to function August 16.