Strachan Serves as Frasure-Singleton Rep. to WV Legislature

by Brian Horton (Second-Year Journalism Student)

Josh StrachanJosh Strachan, a resident of Keyser and third-year criminal justice major pursuing his Bachelor of Applied Science degree at Potomac State College of West Virginia University, served as this year’s Frasure-Singleton representative to the West Virginia Legislature. Strachan worked along side Delegate Anthony Barill (D-Monongalia) in the House of Delegates this past legislative session. Delegate Barill introduced Strachan on the House floor as “a young man who may very well be sitting in my place one day.” 

A “get to know you” session and welcome speech delivered by a member of the House were given during a dinner the Sunday of Strachan’s and other students’ arrival. Rules, procedures, committees, upcoming issues, and suggestions for a successful week were explained at this time. 

Participants met their assigned delegates on the House floor prior to the convening session. Shortly after their brief introductions to one another, Delegate Barill handed Strachan two bills to look over while giving him an overview of the job at the same time. 

“Monday was probably the most nerve-wracking day because of the initial introduction process,” said Strachan. 

From Tuesday through Friday, Strachan maintained a busy schedule, shadowing Delegate Barill from meeting to meeting. Strachan said that it was challenging to get used to but got easier as the days continued. Strachan also had the opportunity to attend other committee meetings and meet other delegates. 

“Delegate Barill is a very nice guy,” Strachan said about the freshman delegate, “and the best part about it was that he has a background in my same field of study, making it very easy for the two of us to connect with one another.” 

On the last day of the program, Strachan gave a thank you speech along with an overview of his responsibilities and experiences of the week in front of the House of Delegates. You can find this speech on by typing in Josh Strachan

According to an overview of the program, students are required to be full-time undergraduates in good academic standing and have successfully completed a course in political science or government, ensuring that the participants have a basic knowledge of government. The program accepts all fields of study and students must be at least in their second year of study. 

Delegate Barill said that he would like to have another participant from PSC in the future because of Strachan’s outstanding performance.

The Frasure-Singleton Student Legislative Program is an opportunity for select full-time undergraduate students to observe the state legislative process for one week during the regular legislative session and is also counted as one college credit-hour. Fifty students participated in this process from institutions across the state. 

“I definitely encourage students to take part in this experience. It’s one of those experiences where you leave with more knowledge than you had going in and that’s something you cannot miss out on,” Strachan said.