Earthquake Aftershocks a Possibility Over Next Couple Hours

A 5.8 earthquake centered in Virginia was felt from New York to South Carolina today, Aug. 23, 2011, shortly after 2 p.m. Tremors were felt in Keyser, W.Va. However, no damage was reported to the Potomac State College of WVU campus.

Local emergency officials said there is potential for more aftershocks over the next couple hours that could be felt in the area, although damage is unlikely. However, officials advise that if damage is spotted, or there is an odor of gas, evacuate and call 911 or University Police at 304-788-6931 or Maintenance at 304-813-8930.

If aftershocks should occur and a building alarm does sound, everyone must evacuate the building until University Police or Emergency Personnel give the "all clear."  There has been no disruption to any College activity as a result of the earthquake.  Classes and activities will proceed as normal.