Potomac State Writing Competition Awards Presented

Writers Awards

Visiting Instructor in English, Susan Haydel (left), presented the following students with Writing Competition Awards for 2010-2011 at Potomac State College of West Virginia University this past spring: (l-r) Chris Miller for his essay The Death Penalty: What Purpose Does It Serve? and a short story, Wine, Woman and Song; Michael Hails for his essay The Call; Katharine Wolf for her essay The Three Computer-User Personalities and Progress or Not: Time to Undo It; Chelsie Baker for her essay Could You Imagine a World Without War?; Caitlin Dorsey for her poem Coming Full Circle; and Lucrecia Kerbo for her short story Unwavering Strength. Not pictured are Donna Shoemake, Tasha Everett, Jonathon Rayburn, and Sathira Evers.