SGA President Brubaker Hands Off Gavel

by Brian Horton, recently graduated Journalism Major

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Drew Brubaker

Three-term Student Government Association (SGA) President Drew Brubaker handed over his gavel to Josh Strachan at Potomac State College of West Virginia University’s recent Recognition Day ceremonies. A fixture in student government for much of his college career, Brubaker called this ending “bittersweet.”  

“I’ve enjoyed the experiences I’ve had but I realize that it’s time for some ‘new blood’ to step up,” said Brubaker. 

During his tenure, Brubaker has seen many changes around campus, including renovations to the Mary F. Shipper Library, the building of the connector between the Administration Building and Academy Hall, and the coming and going of faculty and students. University Place, the college’s newest residence hall, was also brand new when Brubaker came to campus in Fall 2007. “It still smelled of paint and dry wall,” Brubaker said. 

Brubaker and his fellow SGA officers have coordinated many programs over the years such as the annual Homecoming Dance and the fall and spring blood drives. Brubaker has also helped with organizations off campus such as the Highland Arts, a non-profit group that bring dance, music, theatre, and visual arts to the Keyser community. 

He also coordinated a meeting with former Mineral County Commissioner Wayne Spiggle to explain to the commissioner how students were involved in the community. 

“I have met many people and have had many wonderful opportunities,” Brubaker said. 

He would like to see the next SGA committee be very involved and accessible to the students. He hopes they establish good relationships with everyone around campus. “I believe Josh Strachan is going to be an effective leader within the student body,” said Brubaker. Strachan will be a four-year student this fall pursuing his Bachelor of Applied Science degree in criminal justice. 

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Josh Strachan

Brubaker has won awards during his time in office but the one that he considers to be the most important to him is the Keyser Rotary-Service Above Self Award, that he received

Spring 2009. 

Brubaker graduated from Tucker County High School in 2007 where he served as Student Council president and senior class treasurer. 

Brubaker’s advice for current and future students: “You have got to work hard; school is not supposed to be easy. If you want something bad enough, you have to strive for success.” 

Brubaker is currently seeking employment, and says he would like to stay in the Keyser area, where he has made a lot of friends and attends church. “I have been blessed with very good experiences here and could not picture myself being anywhere else.” 

Brubaker graduated this spring with his Bachelor’s of Applied Science degree in Business Management.