Potomac State Recognizes Veterans

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Potomac State College of West Virginia University observed Veteran’s Day this year with a special
program that recognized current students serving in the military. Members of the local war veterans’
organizations were also invited to the program. Dean for Curriculum and Instruction Douglas Wilmes,
who served in the Army, standing far left, addressed the group about the men and women who have
served this country in the various conflicts throughout the generations. Also pictured front row from
left, Monty Hogbin, a PSC student and retired U.S. Army; Misty Cole, Army Reserves; Charles Baker,
retired Army; John Francis, retired U.S. Air Force. Pictured back row from left, Wesley Hesse, West
Virginia National Guard; April Alkire, retired U.S. Navy; Scott Alkire, retired U.S. Marine Corp.; and
Paul Crawford, retired Navy.