Potomac State Alumni and friends meet for luncheon

Potomac State Alumni Luncheon

The Potomac State College of West Virginia University Alumni Association recently met with other alumni and friends of the College for a Dutch treat luncheon at Blackwater Falls State Park in Davis, W.Va.

Friends and colleagues enjoyed an afternoon of reminiscing and renewing old friendships. Campus Provost Kerry Odell gave a slide presentation and updated the group about current changes and renovations made to the College.

The luncheon was well-attended by former as well as recent graduates. Previous Student Government Association President Drew Brubaker (Class of 2011) and Alumna Pauline Halterman (Class of ‘39) found many interesting things to talk about, despite the generations that separate the two in age. They discovered that it doesn’t matter if you’re 21 or 91, Potomac State has a specialness that stays with you long after graduation. They also agreed that the College continues to enrich the lives of its students.