Potomac State Student Government donates gifts


Pictured left to right are SGA members Jesse Cook, Chase Pulley, James Gilbert, Annalissa Michael, Marquest Brice, Brooke Hinchman, PJ Cise, and Christopher Pascoe. 

SGA donated gifts to the Romney House for Christmas. It is part of The Children's Home Society of West Virginia which is a private, non-profit child welfare organization founded in 1896. 

The organization features comprehensive child welfare, behavioral health, social casework and advocacy services are provided to over 6,887 children each year from twelve primary locations throughout the state. Some of their current programs are adoption, foster care, in-home and in-community services for children and families, emergency shelter care, respite, mediation, parent education training, prenatal and early childhood services, volunteer and mentoring, youth services, visitation and reunification, school based social work, day care and comprehensive assessment services.   

The Potomac State College SGA visited the House a few weeks ago and decided to use some of their fund-raising efforts from this summer to give the house several items they could use throughout the years.  Providing the gifts on Christmas will hopefully give some added joy to the current residents of the facility.