Students tour National Museum of the American Indian

 DC Trip

Students from Potomac State College of West Virginia University experienced first-hand the culture of Native American Indians as they took their studies to the next level by visiting the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. this spring. Associate Professor Deanna Armentrout (second from right) took members of her ‘Literature of Native America’ course to the nation’s capital to view artifacts they’d learned about in class. After watching a short film on various indigenous Indian nations, the group was fortunate to encounter Dennis Zotigh, a Kiowa, San Juan Pueblo and Santee Dakota Indian as he performed an Indian musical presentation in conjunction with the current exhibit ‘A Song for the Horse Nation.’

Many of the students also had lunch at the café in the museum where they were served original Native American food. “Learning about Native American Indians is interesting, but actually experiencing their music, dance, food and culture is truly eye-opening,” said class participant Sierra Hott. Students who took part in the field trip were (l-r): Ben Neilson, Herman Li, Alexandar Conley, Caleb Burns, Casandra Rinker, Sierra Hott, and Travis Hayward. Also accompanying the group was Assistant Professor of English Susan Eastman (far right).