PSC Students ‘Raise the Roof’ During Spring Break 2012

Habitat for Humanity

Students from Potomac State College of West Virginia University’s Campus and Community Ministries Club spent the week putting a roof and shingles on a house. Pictured from left are: Potomac State Students Aimee Minor, Kimberly Borror and Kristen Storey. For more photos click here.

By: Katelyn Eichelberger, Potomac State College of WVU pre- journalism graduate

Members of the Campus and Community Ministries Club of Potomac State College (PSC) of West Virginia University (WVU) ‘raised the roof’ by spending their recent spring break in Exmore, Va. volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. The group helped with the on-going construction of a house.

The group was lead by the Rev. James McCune, pastor of Keyser’s First United Methodist Church, who also serves as the co-adviser of PSC’s Campus and Community Ministries club. This trip marked “Pastor Jim’s” ninth spring break with PSC students while he celebrates his 22nd anniversary this year as a minister. Pastor Jim continually offers the spring break trip to all students who want to participate whether they’re a club member or not.

The Potomac State group usually worked from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and sometimes later four days out of the week. Wednesday was spent as a ‘break day’ allowing everyone in the group the opportunity to explore Chincoteague Island, Virginia’s only resort island, located on the eastern shore, best known for the Chincoteague Ponies.

The group’s major accomplishment for the week was applying a roof to the newly framed house along with most of the shingling. The group was made up of 20 people including 14 students – Kimberly Borror, Amanda Bright, Kathi Crites, Brenton Ebert, Katelyn Eichelberger, Tyler Gahr, Ashley Hammons, Kevin Lambert, Brooke Mangold, Aimee Minor, Joshua Myers, Samantha Stawarz, Alisha Shiffer, Kristen Storey, and Pastor Jim; PSC Staff Member Libby Nichols, and four men from the Keyser community – Ron Hollingsworth, Howard Boggs, Gary Kalbaugh, and Jim Peterson.

Susie Jones is the work camp coordinator for the Eastern Shore Habitat for Humanity. Jones said she loves to see high school, college and church groups, alike, come and help out for such a worthy cause.

“Habitat is offering a hand up, not a hand out,” Jones said. “People always have a good home.” Jones continued to explain that in order to qualify for a Habitat house (in the eastern shore) one must make 20- to-30-percent lower than the median income, be free of bad credit and live in sub-standard or dangerous housing.

The Eastern Shore Habitat for Humanity builds about two houses a year. Volunteers typically stay in one of the local churches and travel to the local YMCA, located in Exmore, to take their showers.

The PSC group was hosted by Johnsons United Methodist Church in nearby Machipongo, Va. Johnsons’ church was founded by the Johnson family after they were converted to Christianity by Francis Asbury, a famous character in the history of American Christianity.

In the 10 years that Jones has been coordinating volunteers to stay in the local churches, she gladly states that she has had only one church that said no.

Potomac State students worked on the 39th house built by the Eastern Shore Habitat for Humanity. By the end of the week, all of the students had only good things to say about their experience.

Ashley Hammons, a freshman, sociology major from Winchester, Va. at Potomac State, said this was her first time participating in Habitat for Humanity and she would do it again. “I learned how to use a screw driver,” Hammons said. “I was pretty proud about that!”

Another student, Alisha Shiffer, a sophomore horticulture major from Hope Mills, North Carolina said that the trip was rewarding. “It made me feel like being a poor college student isn’t so bad,” Shiffer said.

The Campus and Community Ministries Club would like to thank the Rotary Club, the Lutheran Church, the United Methodist Church, West Virginia University, and the Student Government Association of Potomac State College for helping make the trip possible. Thanks also to Susie Jones, Johnson’s Church, YMCA, and the rest of the people in the Eastern Shore Habitat for Humanity for their wonderful hospitality. Anyone interested in getting involved in Potomac State College’s 2013 Habitat for Humanity trip should contact Pastor Jim at