PSC Graduate Featured in Hometown Australian Newspaper

Following his dream to the other side of the world

From the The Barossa and Light Herald

Henry Herkes
Henry Herkes, (14) helped the Potomac State Soccer team to Region XX Runners-Up finish last fall.


Henry Herkes is currently working four jobs around the Barossa Valley to enable him to follow his dream.

“I need the money to support my United States studies,” Henry said.

But he is making a success of his goal having graduated from the Potomac State College of West Virginia University (WVU) with his Associates of Arts Degree with a Major in Business Administration, with Honours.

“Between the dressing up in robes, the wearing of cords and the presentation of an honours medallion, it was quite an experience to graduate with my Associates Degree.

“Right now my ultimate goal is to score a nice job in New York city. This might sound like a daunting task but I have a plan to carry it out.

“When I go back to the US to complete my third, fourth and possibly fifth year of studies at WVU, I am looking to do an internship in New York over an American summer break .

“I have a fair few contacts up there already through my girlfriend of five months, Ashley Hirschhorn, and I plan on using those contacts to land me an internship somewhere. Internships are the best way to get a job straight out of university which means if I can perform well during my internship, you never know what opportunities will open up for me once I finish my Bachelors Degree.”

Henry played soccer for the Potomac State College soccer team which finished runners up in Region 20 of the NCJAA Division Three league, losing 1-0 to Rockville Community College.

“America plays their sports in regions so this was quite prestigious. It was even more of an honour when we found out Rockville went all the way to the National Championship and lost 1-0 in double overtime, completely outshooting the other team but unfortunately not scoring for themselves. I often wonder what would have happened had we beaten Rockville.”

Henry’s form saw him selected for an All-Star game.

“Playing with ‘the best of the best’ made for quite a competitive, high-level game of soccer. I actually ended up scoring a goal that match so that was another highlight. I was told there were a few coaches looking to recruit so this was also another factor for the high level of soccer that day.”

This season, Henry will likely play for the WVU Club team.

Henry said while away he misses the food and wine of the Barossa.

“People really don't understand the quality of the food and wine here and some just take it for granted. Through my work with Saskia and Elli Beer I consider myself to have a deep appreciation for farm fresh quality food and I only wish I could share this experience with those I have met in my travels to the US, as I'm sure they would go crazy for it.”

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