Potomac State College to Host PEIA Health Screen

KEYSER, WV -- A PEIA Health Screen will be conducted on the Potomac State College of West Virginia University campus Tuesday, April 30, from 7 to 10 a.m., in the Health Center. This health screen offers state employees from the region a unique opportunity to understand their health risk factors and to improve their health status by offering a $10 per month discount ($120 annually) off the standard health premium to active policyholders in the PEIA PPB Plans who participate in the “Improve Your Score” program. The PEIA Health Screen is free. State employees are required to sign up in order to participate in the health screening. Sign up today using the following link:

< https://hhbewell.hooperholmes.com/ID/a62b4ef1

Policyholders must screen every two years to stay in the program. (Retired policyholders with Humana as primary insurance, dependents under the age of 18 and members of The Health Plan HMO are not eligible to participate in the “Improve Your Score” screening.)

Employees who screened two years ago and received a “green” status and are coming due June 30, 2013, will need to be screened again before the end of April 2013 to ensure the continued discount without interruption. Anyone who screened last year and received a "green" status does not need to screen again this year to continue receiving the discount. To check your status and expiration date, visit https://openenrollment.wvpeia.com

To learn more about what is required before the tests or if you have questions, please contact Cherise Southerly, Campus Health Nurse, at ext. 26913 or email CMSoutherly@mail.wvu.edu