PSC Faculty, Students Participate in Recent STEM Festival

Many Potomac State College faculty and students participated in this year’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Festival that was held March 22, on the Potomac State campus. The mission of the STEM Festival is to re-invigorate the interest of our youth in STEM activities and careers by producing and presenting compelling, exciting, educational, and entertaining science gatherings. To follow are photos and captions from the event:


Bethani Chambers, a sophomore agronomy major, from St. Mary’s, W.Va., shows Alex Lewis, from Keyser, what types of tree bark will produce bubbles during the Second Annual Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Festival recently held on the Potomac State College of WVU campus.


Bubbles 2
Alex Lewis, from Keyser, blows bubbles from tree bark.


PSC Student and Computer Science Club President Kevin Acquah, from New York, demonstrates to Trenton and Matthew Denne a programmable robot incorporating the Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized, single-board computer.


Potomac State College Assistant Physics Professor Joan Vogtman and her family enjoyed the STEM Festival.


Carol Richardson-Heft, a visiting math instructor at Potomac State College of WVU who also served as a fisheries biologist years ago and conducted research using radio telemetry on largemouth bass, helps John and Dennis Dennison pretend to be scientists tracking the movement of a wild animal using a hand-held antennae and radio transmitter. The boys moved the antennae in various directions to try and pin point where the animal is located. Many biologist and researchers use this technique to study the movement patterns of wild animals in their natural habitat.  It provides valuable data that could not otherwise be obtained by conventional means.


croos walk
Helping to ensure the safety of all guests, children and adults alike, were PSC Students Cheyenne Harris, and Jasmine Redman, both sophomore elementary education majors from Keyser, W.Va., who served as crosswalk patrols.


Dr Wilcox
Biology Professor Gerald Wilcox talks with PSC Students Derontae Mason, from Washington, D.C. and Mykala Smith, from Charleston, W.Va. Both students are sophomore pre-nursing majors who participated in the biology presentations during the 2014 STEM Festival.


smokers lung
PSC Student Kylie Duckworth, a sophomore pre-occupational therapy major, points out to Andrew Mahovich, from Cumberland, Md., the differences between a healthy lung and a smoker’s lung. Also pictured is Lisa Short.


Henry and Ellie Harbert, from Frostburg, Md., examine a sheep’s brain, one of the many presentations at the recent Mineral County STEM Festival,that was recently held on the Potomac State College of WVU campus. Looking over the children’s shoulders is their father, Max Harbert.


Mobius strips
Potomac State College of WVU Mathematics Assistant Professor Richard Petersen helps Chase Staggers, from Keyser, W.Va., construct a Mobius strip from a cash register tape.