PSC Students Visit National Cryptologic Museum


Potomac State College of WVU students enrolled in Visiting Instructor Jill Schaumloeffel’s “Cybersecurity and Networking Essentials” class recently toured the National Cryptologic Museum in Ft. George G. Meade, Md.  The students toured the museum with displays explaining how secure communications were generated from the American Revolution to the Korean War. One display featured the working models of the German Enigma Cypher machines used during World War II giving tribute to the Wind Talkers and their un-breakable code based on the Native American languages. Another display featured historic computers used to cypher communications for the president and military operations. Students also heard how the Allies worked together to break the German Enigma machines using the electro-mechanical Bombe and the dedicated staff that ran them. The students also completed a scavenger hunt of famous people and their contributions to cryptography. Pictured is PSC Student Kacy Williamson receiving a lesson about how to encrypt messages using the German Enigma machine. For further information about PSC’s Computer Information Systems Program, contact Enrollment Services at 304-788-6820 or 800-262-7332.