Former Potomac State student earns D.D.S. from WVU

Laura Tappe began her journey through college by taking Early Start classes at Frankfort High School which were offered by Potomac State College (PSC) of West Virginia University (WVU). “I really enjoyed the classes, so going to Potomac State just seemed logical,” said Tappe, a resident of Ridgeley, W.Va.  

Laura Tappe
Laura Tappe

Tappe attended PSC for a year and then changed to the Morgantown campus where she earned a bachelor’s degree in biology in 2010. She was also a University Honors Scholar.  Tappe was accepted into WVU’s School of Dentistry and now, four years later, has earned her D.D.S. degree.

“Because of the high level of difficulty of some of my classes at Potomac State, I was well-prepared for the challenging classes I needed to take at WVU,” said Tappe. Adding, “The professors that stand out most for me were Mrs. Ridgel, who I had for psychology and Dr. Seldomridge, who I had for calculus. They both went out of their way to help me understand the material better. Mrs. Ridgel really connected psychology to everyday living and Dr. Seldomridge would meet with a group of us on his own time to help us with the really problematic stuff.”

While attending a recent alumni event at WVU, Tappe met Dr. Christy, a dentist from New Hampshire who was in need of an associate dentist to work with him in his thriving practice. She begins her career with Dr. Christy in July.

“Potomac State introduced me to the difficulty of college coursework and the expectations that higher education demands, while still being intimate and small enough to not be overwhelming. The approachability and the respect for students that the instructors offer is a unique and wonderful experience at Potomac State. As a student, you certainly don't feel like just a number on a roster,” stated Tappe. 

She is the daughter of Linda and Ken Tappe of Ridgeley, W.Va.