New academic degree programs to be offered this fall

Potomac State College of West Virginia University (WVU) will offer three new associate of arts degree programs this fall including Criminology, Communication Studies and Pre-Forensic and Investigative Science.

Criminology is often associated with the study of law enforcement and criminal justice, yet it is a branch of sociology that focuses on the social roots and implications of criminal behavior and the operation of the criminal justice system.  Students will learn to apply the theoretical and methodological tools of sociology in order to make sense of crime and social control in modern society. Criminologists study not only the causes of crime and criminal behavior, but they also study the impact crime has on society. A degree in criminology also provides an excellent foundation for other career studies such as law enforcement, corrections, social sciences, or law to name a few.

A degree in Communication Studies will develop critical thinking, reasoning and decision-making skills with the intent of empowering students to craft and deliver effective messages in their careers and their communities. This degree prepares students for various careers including health communications, strategic communications, social media communications technology, interpersonal communications, and integrated communications. Effective communications are beneficial across the board to managers and other administrators and can help students be successful in many different careers, including nonprofits, the government, industry, and various media organizations.

The Pre-Forensic and Investigative Science program fulfills the necessary first two years of undergraduate study required for admittance into the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences’ Pre-Forensic and Investigative Science program at WVU. Forensic science technicians help investigate crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence. Many technicians specialize in either crime scene investigation or laboratory analysis and usually spend some time writing reports.

“All three of these programs prepare students for transition into the four-year programs in Morgantown,” said Professor Phil Douthitt who serves as the interim academic dean.

For more information on these and other programs at Potomac State, contact Enrollment Services at 304-788-6820 or 800-262-7332.