Senator Manchin attends ‘Musket Presentation’ at Potomac State

Manchin visit to PSC

Some of those attending the presentation of the Civil War-era musket to Potomac State College of West Virginia University, by the Barrick and Adams families were (l-r): Michele Bollinger holding Kaylee Bollinger; Patricia McGuire, library technical assistant at the College; Potomac State President Dr. Leonard Colelli; U.S. Senator Joe Manchin III; Howard Barrick holding Jude Barrick; Brent Barrick holding Ava Barrick; Meredythe Barrick; Jean Cox; Karen Barrick; and assisting Senator Manchin with the musket are Tessie and Helen McCarty.

After a busy day of touring the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory facilities and holding a Town Hall meeting at Castiglia’s Italian Eatery, U.S. Senator Joe Manchin III completed his day in Mineral County on the campus of Potomac State College of West Virginia University for the presentation of a Civil War-era musket being made to the College by local resident Howard Barrick.

Barrick presented the musket to the College on behalf of the Barrick and Adams families.   “Deep down I believe that the gun belongs here,” said Barrick. Though he doesn’t yet have documentation, Barrick has learned that the gun was supposedly given to the caretaker of a soldier who was wounded during a skirmish at Fort Fuller. “I’m still researching as to whether or not this is the same gun,” he added.

“It’s nice when a family has something of this nature that has brought them so much joy, especially when they want to share that joy with others. I just want to thank the Barrick and Adams families for presenting this musket to Potomac State, now everyone can enjoy it,” said Senator Manchin.

Patricia McGuire, who serves as a library technical assistant at the College and self-proclaimed historian, stated, “We took the musket to Gettysburg, Pa. for an appraisal and to be authenticated as an actual Civil War-era musket. They certified it as a U.S. Model 1842 Springfield Musket.” McGuire added that the musket will be housed on the top floor of the Mary F. Shipper Library along with other items from the Fort Fuller collection.  

Potomac State College is located on the site of what was once Fort Fuller, where cavalry, under the command of Maj. Gen. Thomas Rosser, captured the fort seizing supplies and livestock.