Letter of Appreciation to Basketball Players for Lending a Helping Hand

Coach Justin Anderson,

I wanted to take the time to inform you about our experience with several of your basketball students (Desmond Chandler, Jaylon Oxendine, and William Barlow) and what great students they are. They truly showed what it means to be a team player and help others in need.

To start, I'll give you a little background as to why I am sending this email. On Monday night, my staff and I (all females) were struggling with moving large heavy furniture to another location for our childcare center, pre-k and after school program. We decided to drive on campus to see if we could recruit a few good guys to help us with our struggle. We pulled up to University Place where we saw about 10 rather large capable guys and asked if anyone was willing to come help us and be Good Samaritans to others in need. Needless to say, most of them had excuses of why they couldn't help and others just walked away.

The three that stayed to help us were the ones I mentioned earlier; Desmond, Jaylon, and William. Not only were they a great help to us but also they were three of the most polite gentleman. They should be commended for their kindness and generosity as they have no idea how appreciated they were. We had been moving furniture for three days ourselves and put in over 40 hours in those three days and our bodies couldn't take anymore.

As a coach you should be proud that they represent the Potomac State College Basketball team and it is guys like these who are willing to put themselves out there that give your team a good reputation. I cannot thank them enough for their help on Monday night and they deserve to be recognized for their kindness, politeness and willingness to help others.

Thank you again for being great!

Gina Spriggs
Catamount Children's Center Director