WVU Launches 'It’s On Us' Campaign to Prevent, Report Sexual Assault

West Virginia University is launching the “It’s on Us” campaign on campus as part of a national program to help campuses take ownership in preventing and reporting sexual assault. It's On Us

The campaign is designed to engage the entire campus community in prevention, spread the message that the University does not tolerate sexual misconduct and point those who have faced an assault toward campus resources.

“WVU does not accept sexual misconduct on its campus and there are consequences for this type of behavior,” said James Goins, the University’s Title IX coordinator and director of equity assurance. Title IX refers to a 1972 law requiring gender equity in educational programs that receive federal funding. Goins said the campaign highlights the changes in how all American universities now handle their response to the issues of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, domestic violence and stalking.

Find out more about WVU’s Title IX efforts by going to a new website and by viewing the It’s On Us video.