Potomac State Now Accepting More Recyclable Items, Makes Process Easier

Last year, Potomac State’s campus community recycled 97 pounds of aluminum, three tons of books, 11 tons of paper, and 12 tons of cardboard. Beginning March 1, 2015, the recycling process has been made easier since the College is working with a different recycling/trash vendor, Burgmeier’s Hauling, Inc. Now the College is transitioning to dual-stream recycling.

PSC RecyclingDual-stream recycling allows the College to expand its list of recyclables to include plastics, metals and glass that are collected together in one bin referred to as co-mingled recycling. Another bin allows for mixed papers including office paper, newspapers, magazines, and catalogs to be collected together in one bin. (Cardboard can be included in the mixed papers bin if it is flattened and cut up into pieces no larger than 24 inches by 24 inches. Otherwise, large pieces of cardboard such as boxes need to be flattened and left outside office doors for building maintenance workers to pick up as they have in the past.) The unsorted materials are sent to a material recovery facility where they are sorted by sophisticated equipment.

Faculty, staff and students are asked to take their recyclables to a station in their building. New stations have been added around campus, so please seek them out. From there, building maintenance workers take the recyclables to the toters and cardboard bins located outside of buildings for Burgmeier’s Hauling to pick up. Burgmeier’s Hauling has already placed trash and cardboard bins and dual-stream recycling toters at the same sites as the old dumpsters around campus as well as some new sites.

Below are links to flyers explaining what can and cannot be recycled. Potomac State's goal is to triple last year’s recycling numbers.