“Doc Speaks” presentation entertains while educating PSC Students

Doc Speaks

Aldoph “Doc Speaks” Brown, Ph.D. (sitting) recently gave a presentation to a packed auditorium for students at Potomac State College of West Virginia University.  Shown are (l-r) Students Aniqua Lower (Mt. Storm, W.Va.), Mackenzie Halterman (Green Bank, W.Va.) and Deasah Lee (Morgantown, W.Va.).

By Debi Swick-Cruse

Students, faculty and staff packed the Church-McKee Arts Center recently for the “Doc Speaks” presentation by Adolph Brown, Ph.D.  This is the third year that Potomac State College (PSC) of West Virginia University has brought Dr. Brown in to speak with students. 

Of the numerous titles that Dr. Brown holds, boring is not one of them!  Look him up on the internet and the descriptive words you’ll find for Dr. Brown includes: Engages. Energizes. Informs. Inspires. Entertains.   

Using high energy, Dr. Brown connects to his audience with a unique approach and laughable moments to relay motivational messages about respect – for yourself and others, about turning negatives into opportunities, and about being a person of good character.  He informed the students, “There are ‘Four Ups’ you must do: 1) Show up; 2) Cheer up; 3) Keep up; and 4) Listen up.”  Adding, “If you practice the ‘Four Ups’ then you’ll succeed in college and in life.”

PSC Student Aniqua Lower, who serves as vice president of the Student Government Association (SGA) at the College, had this to say, “It was an amazing presentation. He always has a way of making the students laugh. He mixes things up and makes the presentation different from the previous year.”

Dr. Brown was the first in his family of five to graduate from high school, which may not seem to be an extraordinary feat until you factor in that he was born into extreme poverty and violence, lived on welfare, and was raised in a single-mother household. 

Yet, none of these experiences prevented him from becoming a self-described, ‘God-pleasing man’ who is real, full of heart and passionate about touching and changing the lives of everyone he comes in contact with.  One of his favorite things to tell people is, “A winner in life is one who can build a skyscraper with the bricks that others throw at him or her.”

As Dr. Brown morphed from looking like one of the students wearing khakis, a headband and a backpack, to a professional looking businessman, he told the students, “The minute you pass judgement on someone is the minute you lose an opportunity to connect with them.”

Watching the interaction between the students and Dr. Brown is always interesting.  When asked his thoughts on the presentation, SGA President Mackenzie Halterman stated, "I believe that Dr. Brown's work of inspiring young people to reach beyond what they believe they are capable of, is the kind of attitude this generation needs. It's important, because we live in a quickly changing age where today's youth are highly unsure of exactly what great things they are capable of.  Doc. Brown helps them realize that they are the only thing holding themselves back from greatness."

Dr. Brown left the students with this this final thought to ponder, “Happiness depends on the situation; joy depends on you.”