Mathematics Professor Gary Seldomridge Concludes 41-Year Career at Potomac State College of WVU

Gary Seldomridge
Potomac State College of WVU employees recognized Mathematics Professor Gary Seldomridge on his retirement during the annual Social Club banquet this past spring. He is pictured with his daughter, Sarah, left, and wife, Debbie, a retired mathematics teacher from Keyser High School. The Seldomridges are also parents to Daniel, not pictured.   

Gary Seldomridge, Ph.D., mathematics professor, recently retired from Potomac State College of West Virginia University (WVU) having served 41-years in higher education.

Throughout his career, he has taught thousands of students everything from arithmetic to differential equations plus a class for WVU and independent studies on topology.

Throughout his career, Dr. Seldomridge has believed that mathematics teaching excellence is obtained not by following the latest fad but by deeply understanding mathematical concepts and then presenting them in a manner that they can be understood by a beginning student.  He was honored when this year's honorary degree recipient, Dr. David Doman stated at commencement that Dr. Seldomridge was the best he had encountered in his nine years of higher education at taking difficult concepts and making them appear simple.

Dr. Seldomridge has directed three teacher-training grants; authored and directed the grant that created the first Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) VIII Math, Science and Technology Academy; and has written problems for and directed many Regional Math Field Day events. He served as the first director of the Governor’s Middle School for Mathematics and Science which is a summer residential program at WVU that provides academic enrichment for middle school students.

He served as the co-chair of the group that wrote the K-12 Calculator Usage Guidance document and as a member of the group that examined the Common Core Standards. He has written books on problem solving in mathematics, outdoor mathematics activities to teach geometry and trigonometry and an intuitive approach to topology. He developed EASIWord, a program that allows mathematics symbols, equations and drawings to be easily inserted into Microsoft Word as well as Graphing Magic that draws graphs demonstrating concepts in Calculus and pre-Calculus, and Math Magic that simplifies expressions, solves equations, calculates derivatives and integrals and more.

He has given dozens of presentations to audiences ranging from elementary school students to an international conference on Continuum Theory. Additionally, he has been involved in many grants including a $1,000,000 grant for teachers in grades 3-6 in RESA 4.

Dr. Seldomridge earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Davis and Elkins College and his master’s and doctorate degrees in mathematics from WVU. In 1992, he became the first person in more than 50 years to earn a doctorate in mathematics from WVU.  He resides in Keyser with his wife, Debbie, a retired mathematics teacher from Keyser High School. They are the parents of Sarah who is completing a master’s degree in educational psychology at the University of Massachusetts and Daniel, an electrical engineer in Tulsa, Oklahoma.