Online classes added to fall schedule at Potomac State

Online Classes

Potomac State College of WVU will offer a broad range of online courses in various subjects this fall semester. To learn more click here. 

Potomac State College of West Virginia University will offer a wide variety of online classes in various subjects for the 2016 Fall Semester.  These classes include: General Biology 101 and 102 (along with their labs, 103 and 104), Survey of Chemistry 111 (along with lab), and Human Communication in Organizations and Institutions.  Other online offerings include: Intro to Composition & Rhetoric, Twentieth Century Europe, Cultural Studies, Forest Resources in U.S. History, and West Virginia History.  Math offerings include: College Algebra, Intermediate Algebra and Elementary Statistical Inference. 

Criminal Justice online classes will include Community Based Corrections and Drugs, Crime & Society. 

“Students who actively prepare themselves and dedicate time for online classes, not only learn the subject matter, they also learn commitment and discipline.  Furthermore, they learn to navigate through a virtual classroom while interacting with a team.  For the tenacious learner, this is an important skillset as more and more careers become remote allowing individuals the opportunity to telecommute with their job from anywhere in the world,” said English Professor Jennifer Merrifield.