Potomac State to host Women Empowerment Panel Feb. 20th

WVU Potomac State will host a dynamic panel on empowering young women and invites the community to attend this free discussion of “The Power of Empowered Women” on Monday, February 20th at 6 p.m. in the Mary F. Shipper Library.

From the Women’s Suffrage Movement to the Equal Pay Act signed by Congress, countless exceptional women have been able to redefine their role in the world.  

This session will bring local, professional women together to share goals, obstacles, ideas, resources, and success stories to assist women in their personal growth and development. Potomac State to host Women Empowerment Panel  

The goal of the event is to inspire individual action by challenging everyone to be change agents, and by motivating the lives of women to enact change in their communities.  The panel discussion will be an interactive format with participants asking questions regarding the panelists’ college and career experiences.

Those serving as panelists include Jennifer Orlikoff, Ph.D., president of Potomac State College; Shannon McLaughlin, a security analyst at IBM; Tara Brooks, founder of B.E. The Change, a nonprofit organization that seeks out ways to improve local communities by working with other nonprofits; and Charmayne Carter, founder of Wife UP, a Christian-based organization that encourages women in their roles as wives and/or fiancés. 

Serving as moderator for the panel is Shakira Hemphill, founder of Woman of Worth, an organization that “… evokes the purpose and passion in the lives of women globally; allowing them to create, empower and inspire their communities and the world.”

For more information, contact Jason Ottley at jottley@mail.wvu.edu or at 304-788-7088.