Potomac State students tour European Embassies in D.C.

Potomac State students tour European Embassies

Members of the International Club at West Virginia University’s Potomac State College stopped for dinner after visiting many of the European Embassies in Washington, D.C.  Seated around the table are students: Angela Keeney (Romney, W.Va.); Casey Kidder (Keyser, W.Va.); Club Advisor Debi Cruse; Monique (from Brazil); Brooke Staggers (Keyser); Kiana Sturtz (Wellersburg, Pa.); Guest Speaker John Lecky (owner of Blackrock Resort); and Lea Baker (Augusta, W.Va.).

“Experience the best of European culture without the jet lag!”  That’s what the brochure said and that’s exactly what members of the International Club at West Virginia University’s Potomac State College (PSC) did on a recent trip to Washington, D.C. as they took part in the European Union Open House event.

Countries came to life in the form of lectures, games, performances, tastings, and art for several PSC students as members of the Delegation of the European Union opened their doors to the public. 

Students experienced the cultural heritage of many countries by watching and taking part in traditional dances, and by tasting the ethnic food and drinks offered by many of the embassies. 

“I enjoyed learning about the different cultures, especially countries that I knew nothing about,” said Angela Keeney, a general studies major from Romney, W.Va.  “Slovenia was definitely my favorite because the food was different and the traditional clothing was neat,” she added.

After touring the embassies, students met for dinner at an authentic Greek restaurant in downtown D.C.  Joining the group was John Lecky, an entrepreneur and owner of Blackrock Resort in Mineral County, W.Va., who served as a guest speaker for the group.

“Touring the embassies was educational, fun and a good learning experiencefor the students because they had the opportunity to learn about many different countries without leaving the U.S.  Even a chance encounter with Monique, a student from Brazil, was culturally enriching for club members because they were able to interact with her and learn more about her country,” stated Debi Cruse, who serves as the club’s advisor.