Scholarships available for summer archaeology class

The Friends of Ashby’s Fort are excited to announce that tuition scholarship opportunities are available for West Virginia residents who sign up for the Archaeology Field Methods class (SOCA 293A) being offered at West Virginia University’s Potomac State College.

Just imagine digging up and actually holding artifacts from the 1700s in your hands as you become a fellow-explorer with Archaeologist Stephen McBride, Ph.D., working side-by-side to unearth historical relics pertaining to Ashby’s Fort, which was commissioned by Colonel George Washington during the French and Indian War.

  Class begins on June 26 and runs through August 4.  A special tuition offer of $50 for the course is available to senior citizens, 65 or older, who would like to audit the class. 
The class will meet Mondays through Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Ashby’s Fort in Fort Ashby, W.Va.  To register, contact Enrollment Services at 304-788-6820 or at 800-262-7332.