STEM Festival fast-approaching at Potomac State

STEM Festival
(Foreground, l-r):PSC Professor Henry Falkowski captivates the attention of Isaac, Kayson, Tom, and Heather Snyder with fascinating facts about dinosaur fossils during a previous STEM Festival at WVU Potomac State.  This year’s STEM Festival will be held Saturday, March 25, from noon to 4 p.m.  

The fifth annual Mineral County STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Festival will be held at WVU Potomac State College (PSC) on Saturday, March 25 from noon till 4 p.m. on the Keyser campus.

This free event is open to all students, K-12, their families and to members of the community.  The STEM Festival will host an exciting variety of workshops that’s sure to entice the curiosity in everyone. Workshops that have been added include two from the College library and one each from the Chemistry and Biology Departments. 

Catamount in Your Hand: Printing 3D Mascots will be presented by staff at the Mary F. Shipper Library and the Teaching and Learning Commons-Keyser Affiliate.  Participants will watch as the 3D printer works its magic by using computer drawings to form a PSC Catamount out of thin layers of filament material.

Getting a Grip: How the Human Hand Works How does the human hand work in relation to those of other animals?  Participants will be able to hold and inspect models of other primate hands (such as gorilla, chimpanzee and orangutan) and compare them to the anatomy and function of the human hand.  Learn how humans and our animal friends are able to catch a ball and hold a pencil.

Dinosaurs and Fossils will be presented by Henry Falkowski, Ph.D., chemistry professor at the College and Terry Falkowski, adjunct instructor.  This energizing activity will enable participants to view and handle dinosaur fossils including skulls, bones and footprints from prehistoric periods of time.

Hands-on Anatomy and Your Health will be presented by Sheri Chisholm, Ph.D., biology professor at the College.  This interactive anatomy and physiology lab displays the various organ systems of the body.  Participants can interact with various dissected and preserved specimens and models.  Dr. Chisholm will also discuss current health-related topics and concerns.

The purpose of the Mineral County STEM Network is to foster science, technology, engineering, and mathematics awareness among the children and youth of Mineral County and the surrounding region by offering invigorating presentations in which they can participate.

For more information about the Mineral County STEM Network, visit;or contact Andrea Schafer, coordinator of the event, at 304-788-7133 or at   

So get the kids off the couch, off the phones and computers and spend the afternoon learning about the world in which we live.