Coughenour recognized with Young Alumni Achievement Award

2017 Homecoming Coughenour

West Virginia University Potomac State College recently presented several alumni with awards and recognition during the annual Homecoming Honors Banquet.  Chance Coughenour, Class of 2002, received the Young Alumni Achievement Award for 2017. Coughenour was unable to attend due to prior commitments.  Alumni Association President Jay Courrier (l-r) is pictured with Chance’s father, Michael; and his grandmother, Joan Coughenour.  Also present were Potomac State College President Jennifer Orlikoff and Derek Artimez, who serves as the coordinator of Alumni Relations. 

Alumnus Chance Coughenour, Class of 2002, was recently recognized during the annual homecoming banquet at West Virginia University (WVU) Potomac State College, with the reception of the Young Alumni Achievement Award. 

As a Program Manager at Google Arts & Culture, Coughenour coordinates cultural heritage preservation efforts globally by organizing partnerships and leading projects focused on using innovative technology.  He has participated in archaeological research and digital heritage projects throughout Europe, Asia and Central and South America.  Coughenour co-founded, a volunteer, crowdsourcing online platform to commemorate destroyed heritage, which has been covered in international press and a TED talk.  He received his bachelor’s degree in history from WVU, a master’s degree in archaeology and ancient history from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom, and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Stuttgart in Germany.

Chance Coughenour
Chance Coughenour

Though Coughenour was unable to attend due to prior commitments overseas, his letter of appreciation and acceptance was presented by his father.  After thanking the Alumni Association and professors at the College, Coughenour stated, “By democratizing access to art, culture and history while preserving these stories, I hope we can learn from our past to make more educated decisions for our future.” 

He ended with a quote from Albert Einstein, “Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”  Then added, “Thank you Potomac State for contributing to the balance along my journey.”