Honoring Our Veterans at Potomac State College

PSC Veterans day

Some of those who attended the Veterans Breakfast at West Virginia University Potomac State College include (l-r): PSC Campus President Jennifer Orlikoff; PSC Intramural Project Coordinator Scottie Samples (Army); Students Roger Dodd (Air Force), Patrick Foltz (Air Force), and Madison Chandler (Air Force); First Sergeant Craig Westfall (Army); PSC Instructor and Co-advisor of the Student Veterans Organization Katrina Westfall (Army); and PSC Dean of Student Life Bill Letrent. 

West Virginia University Potomac State College recognized veterans with a breakfast in their honor on Monday, Nov. 13.  This year’s speaker was First Sergeant Craig Westfall, who has spent 32 years in the Army and currently serves as the full-time Assistant Operations NCO for the 77th Troop Command located in Glen Jean, W.Va.

Duties include providing logistical, operations and administrative support, to the 201st Field Artillery Battalion; the 150th Calvary Squadron; four Military Police Companies; and the 2nd Battalion of the 19th Special Forces group.

Sergeant Westfall stated that the 201st began in 1735 when a Welshman named Morgan Morgan organized the military company in what was then, Western Virginia.  “Since the Revolution, the battalion has had service in every major American conflict except for Vietnam,” said Sergeant Westfall.

He went on to inform those in attendance that the 201st, which is also known as The First West Virginia, is recognized by The Department of the Army Lineage and Honors Records, and the United States Army Institute of Heraldry as the oldest unit in the U.S. Army with continuous active service since February 17, 1735. 

In closing, Sergeant Westfall offered the following remarks, “Just as the minutemen of the past stood ready to fight at all times, so too, do the minutemen of today.  As an integral part of the Army’s operational force, we must remain ready to respond at a moment’s notice.”