Armstrong serving as SAGE program director at Potomac State College

Corey Armstrong has accepted a position as program director for the sustainable agriculture entrepreneurship (SAGE) degree at West Virginia University (WVU) Potomac State College.  In this position, Armstrong will be responsible for teaching numerous courses in the agriculture program; building an entrepreneurial and business-minded foundation in students; managing student-run projects like high-tunnel and field-grown crops; and recruiting throughout the region.

Armstrong earned his bachelor’s degree in landscape architecture from WVU and his master’s degree in recreation/parks management from Frostburg State University (FSU); he also retains certification as a licensed landscape architect. 

Corey Armstrong
Corey Armstrong 

Armstrong previously served as director of the Frostburg Grows Sustainable Agriculture Project at FSU where he managed and participated in all design, construction, and infrastructure of high-tunnel greenhouses; farming and training operations; a tree nursery; and a composting facility.  

In addition to serving in various advisory and leadership roles for undergraduate and graduate students, Armstrong has formally presented at many conferences, including the National Value-Added Agriculture Conference.  He was a team recipient of the Maryland Smart Growth Award, and a National finalist for the Second Nature Climate Leadership Award as well.

He has extensive experience in project management, community outreach, administrative development, networking, marketing, and in giving presentations.  He has developed multiple successful markets and outreach events, as well as worked with many professionals in the academic, health, social services, and farming communities to improve local food systems.  

His wife and family operate a landscape design and installation firm, AC Armstrong Design Group, where he serves as principal landscape architect.  Armstrong lives with his wife and four daughters in Frostburg, Md.