‘Doctor to the Dinosaurs’ to give presentation at Potomac State College

Dr. Bruce Rothschild, renowned as “The Doctor to the Dinosaurs: will give a presentation entitled The Rosetta Bone at West Virginia University Potomac State College on Monday, January 22 at 4 p.m. in the Mary F. Shipper Library.  Admission is free and the public is invited to attend.

During the presentation, attendees will learn about SUE, the most famous, best preserved and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever discovered!

Dr. Bruce Rothschild
Dr. Bruce Rothschild

Dr. Rothschild was the first to identify gout in a dinosaur, and has studied Mesoamerican human remains in order to determine if syphilis was present in the New World, prior to the arrival of the first Europeans.

Dr. Rothschild has served as a visiting professor at universities in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, South America, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Asia, and Australia.  He has been an invited lecturer at universities, hospitals and museums worldwide.  

Dr. Rothschild has published more than 600 papers and abstracts, has authored four books, and has participated in eight Discover Channel/BBC documentaries on the origins of diseases and ancient reptiles. He has also been interviewed by Discover Magazine.

 Dr. Rothschild, who serves as a rheumatologist with WVU Medicine, has more than 30 years of research in the bone diseases of fossil animals and in ancient human remains.