Give Reality to Your Dreams 1


It’s not a light bulb moment. It’s stronger. The decision to take control of your future. The determination to face the challenge and start climbing.
Potomac State College is the starting point of many climbers: an entire legacy of thriving alumni, from physicians and engineers to journalists and entrepreneurs. Everything you need is right here.
The people: professors whose life’s work is to help you reach your goals.
The classes: small but challenging, with the same curriculum as WVU.
The experience: a vibrant residential campus and championship athletics.
All at a cost that ranks among the lowest tuition in the country.
So you can give reality to your dreams.

What makes Potomac State College of West Virginia University special?                     

The people, opportunities and stories that all Catamounts, past and present, share.                     

Anyone who has spent time on this campus knows how special Potomac State College can be.                     

Let the students, faculty, staff and alumni share their personal experiences to tell their story of Potomac State College.