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Boden, Haley

Title III Professional Advisor | Administration Building, Room 106


Hi! My name is Haley (Growden) Boden and I work with the Title III grant as a Professional Advisor. I received my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from West Virginia University, and I am currently pursuing my PhD in Higher Education. 

I am very interested in student success and academic advising, which I why I’m in an advising role now, and hopefully I will work my way up through administration upon getting my PhD. I will primarily be working with undeclared, probationary, and online students, but please feel free to stop by and ask me any questions. 

You might also know me from WVUe 191, which I teach several sections of as well. In my spare time, I love travelling, crafting, and trying out new recipes. I am obsessed with decorating for every Holiday and watching The Vampire Diaries over and over again. Whatever you might need, please stop by and see me because even if I don’t have the answer, I will help to make sure you find it!