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Athletic Hall of Fame Award

The Athletic Hall of Fame was established in 1988 to pay tribute and give recognition to the former athletes, coaches, and others who have made exceptional contributions to the field of athletics. Eligibility begins fifteen years after the person’s association with Potomac State College. Honorees are chosen by a committee in January and the award is presented at the Athletic Hall of Fame banquet in April.

The idea of an Athletic Hall of Fame was proposed by alumnus and basketball star, Eugene H. Becker, Class of 1955, who was elected chairman of the committee which formed in January, 1988. Unfortunately, he did not live to see his labors come to fruition, succumbing to a heart attack on April 24.   The first 11 inductees were honored at a banquet on Friday, April 29, 1988, in the Davis Hall Dining Room.

A plaque for each honoree, with his or her picture and a description of their accomplishments, hangs in the front hallway of the Dana G. Lough Gymnasium.


  1. Athletes who attended Potomac State College and received prominence/outstanding recognition here.
  2. Athletes who participated athletically while attending Potomac State College then transferred to a four year college or university and received prominence/recognition there.
  3. Former athletes or students not receiving prominence/recognition in categories (a) or (b) listed above, but achieving outstanding recognition in the field of athletics. This would include endeavors such as coaching, athletic administration, etc.
  4. Those individuals formerly affiliated with the Potomac State College athletic program, but not necessarily a graduate of the College. This would include coaching, athletic administration, or others that were contributors to the athletic program. A waiting period of five years is to be observed.
  5. Individuals can be nominated for posthumous induction. These persons can be former athletes, coaches, athletic administrators, or those who have contributed to the field of athletics in a recognized/outstanding capacity.   In this category, the Committee may make an exception to the required fifteen year waiting period.
  6. The Selection Committee may exercise the right to install an individual into the Athletic Hall of Fame after having distinguished himself/herself nationally in athletics, or under special circumstances such as health, and make an exception to the required fifteen year waiting period.
  7. The recipient receiving the award should be able to be present at the banquet, or at the discretion of the Awards Committee, another candidate may be chosen.

To nominate a person for the Potomac State Athletic Hall of Fame Award you may complete an Athletic Hall of Fame Form.

See a list of the honorees of the Potomac State College Athletic Hall of Fame Award.